The good, the bad and the ugly
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Hello, nothing much to say except for some things about LaTale. As most of you know, I haven't been playing Lavalon LaTale for quite some time. Well the reason for that is, I left to OGP LaTale. OGP was calling my name and I wanted to see how it feels like to be there again. A big difference - good and bad - and all but ahh who cares, all the effort pays off for what you do there, right?

I'm not sure where to start off. I have taken many screenshots of my new experiences with OGP LaTale ever since I came back. For those of you who are still playing Lavalon LaTale and read my girly entries, I'm going to tell you some of the good and bad obvious (and probably not obvious) things I went through when I was in OGP LaTale. It's really not that bad.

OGP LaTale was the first mmo I played and stayed with. When I first began, I didn't know what I was doing. Everything is different than it is now. I can't believe 2009 was four years ago. That's how fast time flies. I left in 2010 and joined GP LaTale (the old LaTale private server)  because my guild from OGP invited me and everyone else in the guild to come and try out the new server. It was empty at first, I remember. Time flew, and the server populated more and more. I made friends, more guilds came about, PvP was fun (not for long though haha), grinding wasn't so challenging and there were not many complaints. Everyone was pretty much happy. I left for some time, came back, left again, and here I am in 2013. And trust me, Lavalon LaTale was nothing compared to the old days. I'm not going to ramble about the details though. Let's just say it was a drastic change. I kind of enjoyed the 3rd jobs and all when our server migrated, but the population slowly declined and there were few people along with slow-ass updates, but somehow I still managed to stay. It does get boring when there isn't an update for three months straight. So I wanted to try out OGP LaTale since I heard about season two. And my friends weren't wrong, everything does change.

One thing that bothers me is going from being used to a private server with high ely, exp and drop rates to decent rates. The people are different, basically the community is different. And that's okay, because I wanted to start over, but it takes time to get accustom to. Starting over on a good server is a good thing now and then. And so I worked my rear-end off. And guess what? I'm a Minstrel in less than two weeks. Meaning I'm already in the level hundreds. A long time ago when I played OGP LaTale, it took literally a month or two to get to level 80. I didn't have a single thing that helps you level up, and it was still sort of difficult for me. Now, I have Prime Holy Waters all over the place. If you think about it, it's not difficult if you have friends there to help you and do quests with you. I'm also stronger than now than years ago, crits here and there, and I don't even enchant my stuff that well- yet. If you find quests to be very annoying and grinding is your main thing, OGP will be difficult. (not talking about endgame players, that's totes different now)You also need patience, and tons of it.

Alright so enough rambling. I'm going to tell you the good things about OGP that Lavalon doesn't have. Obvious and not obvious, of course. (I might miss something but it's 1am so don't expect something great)

  • OGP gives you a lot of free things in the bank through the gift system. I understand that Lavalon Latale's gift function never really worked but it could've somehow helped quite a bit.

  • OGP has more updates. But I can't complain since Lavalon LaTale is a private server and most of the time they have to wait for OGP LaTale to get an update so Lavalon LaTale can update.

  • OGP already has their UI interface and it's easier to access more things now. Simple little things like the pet change to big things like the puzzle/cube change. Normal puzzles are 100 ely and you don't have to buy level one, two, three, etc, it's just a puzzle that is for all. Same for cubes. Basically a generic puzzle so you can spam all the puzzles you want and not have to worry about getting another one or what ever. Let's just say the economy in Lavalon was unbelievably bizarre and completely different from OGP Latale's economy.

  • It's kind of difficult to get bored in OGP. With things like Tiger Temple, Degos, new quests and maps, the new fighting style and the fact that leveling is a little slower, there's always something to do. In Lavalon LaTale, the only entertainment everyone mainly pays attention to is the Coliseum. That, or just sit around in Belos and sell/spam/buy/sell/afk. It is kind of challenging when you start off at level one but once you reach the higher levels which is fast (levels 190+) what else is there to do? Same in OGP but it's more difficult to level up which is more challenging. And who doesn't want a challenge sometimes? As I'm reading this a year later I'm like wait, what? Sorry guys, OGP does get boring sometimes, especially if you're an endgame player.

So then what's some of the bad things?

  • OGP has reset their crafting. Everyone who has ever crafted has gone from being a mid/high level to level one in crafting. It pissed a lot of people off and I would understand why. When you have a level 40+ in any craft and have other characters with high level crafts as well, it must have been an excruciating moment for them to start over again. But, I think people will eventually get over it.
(Haha there's more but I got lazy soooo byeeee)